Pivot addresses the unique challenges of the energy sector by connecting personnel, facilities and remote equipment, thus enabling data collection and analysis.

The energy sector has undergone a technological revolution over the past decade as organizations seek to optimize production while reducing operational costs. The processes of locating, estimating and producing oil and gas are now driven by the real-time collection and analysis of data from the oilfield. Refineries and distributors also rely upon technology to improve productivity and enable just-in-time delivery.

Pivot leverages the advanced networking capabilities of its portfolio companies to help energy firms connect people, applications and equipment around the world. Secure, high-performance LAN and WAN solutions support mission-critical applications and enable machine-to-machine communication and administration of SCADA systems. Industry-leading communications platforms improve decision-making by enabling geographically dispersed teams to effectively collaborate and share information.

Pivot also offers expertise in big data analytics, helping organizations analyze performance and sensor data to improve maintenance management, enhance supply chain efficiencies and reduce risk. Together, these technologies provide energy companies with the speed, information and control they need to increase profitability and remain competitive.

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