Pivot enables healthcare organizations to focus on patient care, providing proven expertise in IT solutions that support clinical and back-office applications.

Healthcare organizations rely upon technology for both clinical and back-office functions, as more and more types of medical equipment connect to data networks. The network must provide doctors with ready access to patient histories and diagnostic information while meeting HIPAA compliance requirements. Many healthcare facilities also need to extend their voice and data platforms across campus environments and to multiple remote locations.

HIMSS_CM_Seal_GOLD_NA-150x150However, the primary focus of healthcare organizations is the delivery of high-quality patient care — not IT implementation and support challenges. Pivot has experience and expertise spanning all aspects of the IT infrastructure, helping to maximize the success of healthcare technology initiatives.

Pivot’s portfolio companies help healthcare facilities update legacy systems and consolidate and simplify their infrastructures. They can help enhance efficiency through effective communications and wireless data access, and implement robust security measures that ensure the confidentiality of patient information. With Pivot as a partner, healthcare organizations gain the technology tools they need to increase productivity, profitability and patient satisfaction.

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