Cloud Expense Management


IT has changed, and Cloud is a part of everyday life for most companies. Moving to the Cloud is always a complicated process. Just building the complete list of applications your organization uses, determining whether they should live in your Private Cloud or a Public Cloud and then deciding which Public Cloud you should use is a tremendous undertaking.

Our Cloud Consulting Suite contains offerings to analyze your company’s data centers, applications and even your IT communications chain to ensure a smooth transition to a Cloud consumption model. This all starts with our Cloud Portal. Our easy-to-use Cloud Portal will help you consolidate your Cloud billing into one location and help you control the sprawl of accounts across your organization. With features like chargeback capability, on-demand usage reports, daily billing updates and the ability to consolidate multiple cloud providers, we put you back in control and allow your governance policies to work as intended.


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Our Cloud Strategy & Your entire IT Life Cycle

Beyond the billing portal, our Cloud strategy takes all facets of Cloud technologies into account. Our years of experience and training have prepared our Professional Services team to design and implement On-Premises Private Clouds, Off-Premises Public Clouds or build out a full Hybrid Cloud tailored to meet your needs. 

Once these solutions are in place, our Managed Services team is ready to step in and take over the day-to-day monitoring and administrations duties, so that your talented IT force can concentrate on innovations that drive your business instead of simply keeping the lights on.

Our Cloud strategy was designed and built with the entire life cycle of technology in mind. Are you ready to get started?

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