Stock Information


Common Share Dividends


Declared Amount Record Date Payment Date
11-Aug-20 CA$ 0.04 31-Aug-20 15-Sep-20
12-May-20 CA$ 0.04 29-May-20 15-Jun-20
14-Feb-20 CA$ 0.04 28-Feb-20 16-Mar-20
12-Nov-19 CA$ 0.04 29-Nov-19 16-Dec-19
14-Aug-19 CA$ 0.04 31-Aug-19 16-Sep-19
15-May-19 CA$ 0.04 24-May-19 29-May-19
12-Feb-19 CA$ 0.04 22-Feb-19 01-Mar-19
31-Oct-18 CA$ 0.04 12-Nov-18 27-Nov-18
14-Aug-18 CA$ 0.04 31-Aug-18 14-Sep-18
14-May-18 CA$ 0.04 31-May-18 15-June-18
20-Feb-18 CA$ 0.04 28-Feb-18 15-Mar-18
13-Nov-17 CA$ 0.04 30-Nov-17 15-Dec-17
8-Aug-17 CA$ 0.04 31-Aug-17 15-Sep-17
9-May-17 CA$ 0.04 31-May-17 15-Jun-17
16-Feb-17 CA$ 0.04 3-Mar-17 15-Mar-17

Dividend eligibility

All dividends paid by Pivot in 2015 and subsequent years are designated as “eligible dividends” for Canadian tax purposes. This designation will apply until a notification of a change is posted on this website.