First Call Support

The increasing complexity of today’s data center requires dedicated operational resources.

Pivot First Call support frees your IT staff from the tedious and time-consuming troubleshooting and problem resolution processes and helps you drive to resolutions when its most critical. With Pivot’s First Call Support you gain direct access to Level 3 engineers who have deep expertise in your key technologies.

Pivot First Call Support delivers

  • 24×7 support
  • Centralized call center
  • Escalation support and management process
  • Contract administration process
  • Problem re-creation labs

Data Sheets

First Call Support for NetApp
First Call Support for Pure Storage
First Call Support for Veritas

Our First Call Technical Support Center (“TSC”) offers each customer superior personalized hardware and software support-24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

To contact the TSC by telephone, please call 888.895.0495.

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Pivot’s IT Operations as a Service is an extension of your team that immediately matures your operational capabilities so IT can focus on business priorities.

IT infrastructure environments need to adapt to a growing number of mission-critical applications, increasing service levels and fast-changing business requirements. Pivot’s Technology Services for IT Operations Service is designed to enhance and extend the capabilities of your IT team. Rather than spending the majority of their time on day-to-day operational challenges, your team can focus on providing business value. Our ITOaaS connects to the technologies you already have, which means no more struggling to manage multiple, disparate toolsets.

A service delivery model based on standardized, repeatable and scalable response to your operational challenges forms the foundation of Pivot’s IT Operations Service. Pivot leverages industry best practices and deep technical in-house knowledge to help you dramatically reduce IT outages, improve time to resolution and maximize the value of your IT investments.

Data Sheets

ITOaaS Overview
ITOaaS for Network Infrastructure
ITOaaS for Storage Infrastructure
ITOaaS for Backup Apps 

ITOaaS for Converged Infrastructure
ITOaaS for Virtualization

ITOaaS for Compute

Productivity drives success, yet modernizing a communications system for improved collaboration typically raises concerns over large CapEx outlays, leases of quickly-outdated equipment, and maintaining expertise on mobile operating systems, complex video networking, and advancements in customer interaction tools.

With Pivot Technology Solutions’ Collaboration Cloud Services, these risks are removed and your organization gains affordable access to current business voice, HD video and contact center technologies – all in a predictable monthly subscription.

Unified Communications as a Service – UCaaS 

Subscribe to real-time collaboration applications. Simple. Affordable. Flexible.

Quickly give your organization access to current business collaboration tools. Streamline new-hire on boarding, office openings and expansions, as well as systems alignment from mergers and acquisitions.

With Pivot’s UCaaS you don’t have to be a Unified Communications expert. It’s easy to deliver a consistent, integrated user experience that speeds business agility, increases uptime, and scales with predictable spend. If updated phones or video endpoints are desired when connecting to Pivot’s UCaaS, we can lease or sell them to you. It’s that simple.

Pivot’s UCaaS subscriptions include the following functionality: 

  • Voice, messaging, IM, presence
  • Desktop and mobile TelePresence
  • BYOD (Apple, Android, and more)
  • Cisco and other endpoints
  • Up to 10 devices per user

Telepresence as a Service – TPaaS

High-definition business video (also known as TelePresence) has become the hallmark of customer-centric organizations. They know face-to-face communication is essential for clarifying information, developing trust, and streamlining decisions. There’s good news for finance and IT executives who pause when evaluating costs and management of a video network. With Pivot Technology Solutions you can access HD business video capabilities from any existing Cisco, Polycom, LifeSize, or other SIP- and H.323-compliant video endpoints. In addition, you can provide video experiences that complement a secure BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) corporate policy since Pivot’s TPaaS subscriptions cover all use cases (from desktops to mobile devices to conference rooms and external B2B connections). Our multipoint functionality allows 3 or more parties to dial into a secure “rendezvous room,” which can be a dedicated or shared virtual meeting room resource.

Contact Center as a Service – CCaaS

How easy is it to do business with you? The answer directly impacts customer satisfaction, loyalty and referrals. So giving your customers a choice in how to engage (from interactive voice response to email, Web and real-time chat) and finding the right expert instantly is critical. Equally important to your business reputation is quality monitoring and recording, ensuring scalability during high-volume periods, and a dedicated infrastructure to support customer privacy. Pivot has Contact Center as a Service subscriptions to support any size contact center.

For a truly modern experience, we also offer customizable text-to-speech functionality in various dialects. What’s more, Pivot can provide speech analytics that help determine why customers are calling, why they might be dissatisfied, and areas for improving customer service agent performance. Talk with us today about the right strategy to ensure your contact center contributes to organizational success in a very significant way.