Consulting Services

Pivot offers Consulting Services as part of our Professional Services that leverage both strong partner technologies and certified and experienced Pivot team members. We provide unparalleled engineering expertise, a unified delivery methodology, and a project management office that ensures successful customer engagements across our solution disciplines.

Pivot Consulting Network

Pivot’s Project Management Office includes a Consulting Network. Our Network provides guidance related to tools, methodologies, IPs, and best practices. Pivot’s resident experts specialize in software-defined, automation, orchestration, and customer experience solutions.

Our Consultants

Pivot has 65 consultants working across the U.S. These consultants have earned more than 200 professional and expert certifications.

Our Virtual Bench

Pivot provides your company with a virtual bench of IT experts that augment your current staff. Consulting Services create a bridge between the plan and build stages of the customer lifecycle. In 2017, our consultants completed over 500 successful engagements.

What Our Consultants Do

Pivot consultants specialize in preparing and planning a comprehensive IT technology and IT operations strategy. Our teams deliver thought leadership and tangible results that can be tied to business priorities.

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