Edge Transformation

Pivot Intelligent Edge:

Pivot Technology Services offers a comprehensive strategy for leveraging software-defined technologies to transform the WAN. Our approach leverages highly virtualized, cloud-managed solutions that help to reduce costs, accelerate provisioning and improve operational efficiency. IT teams also gain increased visibility into application performance, along with centralized policy management and enhanced security.


Edge computing enables many new and enhanced applications and services across a range of industries. Pivot offers solutions for Industrial IoT, retail, distribution, healthcare and other use cases.



SD-WAN helps organizations lower WAN costs by reducing reliance on MPLS services while helping to maximize availability and ensure quality of service (QoS) for latency-sensitive applications. Pivot offers industry-leading SD-WAN solutions with light-touch deployment, cloud-based management and end-to-end visibility into application performance. Predefined policies that control how applications are prioritized enable IT teams to optimize WAN performance and respond to changing business requirements.LEARN MORE

Network Functions Virtualization

As the name implies, NFV virtualizes routing, WAN acceleration, firewall and other network services, delivering them via software as opposed to dedicated appliances. Pivot deploys NFV services on universal Client Premises Equipment (uCPE) running standard operating systems. This reduces capital expenses for network hardware, speeds deployment, and enables elastic scalability of network services. Centralized management simplifies administration and ensures the consistent application of policies across the environment.

Private Mobility

The edge is not just about compute power — it requires secure, high-bandwidth, high-performance connectivity to move data between devices and the edge data center. Pivot gives users the ability to connect using virtually any access technology, including cellular, Wi-Fi, CBRS / OnGo, vRANk and LoRa. Pivot also offers private LTE for highly secure connectivity when Wi-Fi isn’t an option due to distance, interference and other factors. All of Pivot’s extended mobile access solutions feature zero trust security and location tracking

AI Software Operations at the Edge with Pivot Technology Services

Operations at the edge can be very complex, expensive, inconsistent and labor intensive.
Pivot Technology Services solves this through SaaS-like software deployments with security features that enable imp
actful AI experiences with Intel® edge technology.

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