Workplace Experience

In the digital age, the term, “Workplace” is no longer a physical office space where employees work on enterprise data and tools for a designated number of hours. Today’s connected world has enabled employees and organizations to connect and share knowledge beyond a fixed framework through unprecedented modes of communication. Modern workplaces are undergoing a silent transformation.

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IT Lifecycle Management

In the traditional device-centric model of management, employee work and productivity were restricted to the PC, which was owned and controlled by the company’s IT department, leading to a restricted and “locked-down” model of management. Pivot Technology Services has developed a Workplace Experience transformation framework to help organizations create and support a user-centric environment.

Digital Workplace Transformation

The Pivot team assists organizations at every phase of their digital workplace modernization journey, from assessment, design and planning through the implementation of technologies that improve employee productivity and engagement. Pivot’s Workplace Experience portfolio provides a user-centric approach and consists of a comprehensive suite of services for all aspects of IT Lifecycle Management and the Digital Workplace Transformation:

  • Unified Communications, Collaboration and Messaging: Tools that empower employees to effectively connect and communicate form the foundation of the modern workplace.

  • Asset Lifecycle Optimization: Pivot helps organizations manage the ever-changing risks and opportunities associated with frequent technology updates, and provides a comprehensive suite of services that simplify procurement and inventory management. Endpoint provisioning, configuration, exchange, repair and disposition services reduce IT support costs and improve the user experience.

  • Desktop Virtualization: Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) enables employees to work anytime, anywhere across any device while ensuring that sensitive information remains protected.

  • Unified Endpoint Management: The integration of traditional desktop and mobility management tools provides end-to-end visibility and single-pane-of-glass administration, enabling IT teams to better provision, manage and secure an ever-increasing number of endpoints. Pivot’s unique approach incorporates platform monitoring and management, policy management, OS imaging, application packaging and development, and endpoint protection and security.

  • Next-Gen End-User Support: Pivot helps organizations transition from a device-centric to a user-centric support paradigm through personalized services and data analytics. Pivot’s service desk delivers expert and disciplined support using remote troubleshooting tools to speed problem resolution. Pivot also enables user self-service and automated request fulfillment through a customized portal. Continual service improvement optimizes costs while enhancing the employee experience.

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The Pivot Hub collects data from various systems, applications, databases, and tools and provides a customizable dashboard view of hardware and software configurations, contracts, financials, and more. Additionally, the Pivot Hub provides this value for consuming Cisco Lifecycle Services.

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